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LifeChanger Podcast | How to Grow Your Fitness Business

Apr 17, 2019

Welcome to the LifeChanger podcast! For today’s episode, I have the pleasure to have my amazing student, Abbie Stasior, on the podcast.

In this episode I discuss:

•Her story.

•Being a first time entrepreneur.

•How it felt leaving her job and becoming a full time online personal trainer.

•Her advice to you.

If any of these points resonated with you, send me a message on Facebook. I want to know if this is you! I want to know if this connects with you and if you feel this right now. I am obsessed with giving more to others and I will never stop! I love helping other people that are crazy, passionate, LIFECHANGERS like me!   

At the end of this episode, please leave Sterling a review. Screenshot it and blast it on Facebook and Instagram!

As always, Peace, Love, and Gains

Things Mentioned In This Episode:

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LifeChanger Community

Change Lives and Get Paid

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